Perhaps my favorite aspect of a wedding is the arch. It not only defines the ceremony space and purpose – indicating that two people are intending to live together under the same roof – but also is an opportunity to make a visual statement about who they are as a couple.

Out here in Big Sky Country, we gather literally under the big sky, and the arch becomes a very personal and memorable part of the ceremony. I never know where I’m going to find myself when I am called to service, and every time I get to stand under one of these creations, something amazing happens.

This arch was built by the groom out of logs that he harvested himself. It sits on their property in front of the Missouri river and is now a permanent addition to their home. I love the little touches that brides and grooms add to their arch, from flowers and antlers to bells and prayer flags, they all bring a sacred meaning to the day.

Of course, there are plenty of times when Nature itself provides the perfect canopy for the happy couple. Rainbows and mountain peaks are often the only thing necessary to connect with our spirits and hearts. Once, after a particularly harsh rainstorm on the Yellowstone River, there was a brilliant double rainbow spanning the mountains behind the ceremony. Everyone was in awe – this truly is God’s country after all…

No matter where we gather, it is always a wonderful adventure and I look forward to many more unique expressions of love to hold the space above as I do my work. It’s the best. Every time.

Plus, what’s better than standing under a garland of roses with your sweetheart?

Arches under the Big Sky

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