One of the wonderful parts of my job is that I get to go on a little adventure every time I step out for a wedding. Although I have officiated weddings in Yellowstone National Park many times, this one was extra-special. This family decided to have an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding with a Steampunk twist. I love it when couples bring their own unique personalities to their event and actually have fun getting married!

We gathered near Artist’s Point at the Lower Falls of Yellowstone National Park, and it truly felt like we had gone down a rabbit hole! The magic and wonder of the Park transports you to another world, and never disappoints. I suppose I could have played the part of the White Rabbit, as I am always rushing off to a “very important date!”

If you are thinking of a wedding in Yellowstone National Park, please feel free to contact me. I’ll help you with the details of obtaining a license and permit, and give you the insider scoop on the perfect location in America’s first National Park to say your “I do’s”!

And, yes, the Queen of Hearts stole the show!!

(photos by Alex at Mudshine Media. I love working with her!)


Alice In Wonderland in Yellowstone Park!

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