I believe that each of us needs a place to express ourselves on a spiritual level.  It does not have to be anything formal or necessarily done according to the rules and values of others – of course the more personal, the better. One of the most joyous ways of celebrating ritual is through the marriage ceremony. For thousands of years, it has helped us to define ourselves across many cultures worlwide.

While every wedding ceremony that I’ve been a part of is truly special and unique, sometimes I get thetina and luke ceremony opportunity to participate in a bit of ritual and mystery that really speaks to me on a personal level. These are the moments that fill my soul- the moments that I have been looking for all my life. From the very first time I said “I now pronounce you…” I knew this was the perfect way for me to help both myself and others celebrate their commitment to love and hopes for the future.

This year I was asked to perform a ceremony on the solstice that combined Christian and Native bride and birdAmerican elements. We included a bit of prayer and ritual from both traditions, including Smudging and Calling of the Four Directions. A strong summer breeze lifted the ritual smoke up through the dreamcatcher hung in the tree and a little bird who lived in the tree sang its blessing during the ring exchange. Cornmeal offerings were scattered to the wind as a large family cross anchored the marriage licence for us to sign. All of the diverse elements joined themselves effortlessly as the lucky couple said their vows – quite magical!


Each and every detail of a wedding can and should be unique. It is my pleasure to create the experience which speaks tolicence and cross your soul on your big day. Call me with your ideas, or allow me to find that special something that authentically represents you as a couple.




Dear Vicki,

We  can’t thank you enough for the most exquisite ceremony you put together and performed for us. Everyone said it was the best and most “real” ceremony they had ever experienced. We feel so deeply about what a special time you created for us. We are both so thankful for the memory of it that you have given us. It couldn’t have been any better. Everything was PERFECT, and everything was truly a match to our spirits. We can’t thank you enough. It really was the most important day of our lives, and you made us feel that way. We love you for that. Bless your heart.

Most Sincerely,bradshaws and mountains
Mr. & Mrs. Luke Hunter Bradshaw


Summer Solstice Wedding Ceremony

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