Sacred Relationships

Are you ready to “take the plunge”? Awesome!!

I know your super excited to make a commitment to your relationship, but a true marriage requires so much more than just the “I dos”.

I think we all know that just because you have made it to the altar does not mean you are ready for what comes after. And that is exactly where I come in and help you a little more than merely guiding you down the aisle.

I want to make sure you make it “as long as you both shall live” and beyond.

Let me ask you this:
~Have you both sat down and outlined the “terms” of your relationship?
~Do you know how to ensure your Health, Wealth and Happiness as a couple?
~Can you resolve differences in a healthy, productive manner?
~Have you figured out a proper chore chart or who holds the remote, at least?

If your response is “kinda” or “a little bit”, or “not yet” I’m afraid you might be missing a few opportunities to make sure you’re both on the same page before signing the marriage contract.

So let’s do a little more work before we get to the happily ever after! You guessed it – marriage counseling. *insert groan here*

I know that talking about feelings and planning for the future are tough topics for some of us, but I also know that they are the cornerstone of any successful marriage. (Trust me on this!)

But it doesn’t have to be hard or uncomfortable. I have created an online course for you “Sacred Relationships” that will help you plan for everything that comes after the big day is over. All you have to do is answer a few questions in each lesson, and then I’ll give you some feedback. No judgment, just awareness.

I’ll provide you with lessons, relationship resources, and insights about your individual emotional and psychological patterns. I’ll show you each how they affect your relationship (for better or worse) and what to do about it.

I’ve been counseling couples and individuals for over 15 years, and know that a little bit of homework and self-reflection can help you each understand your selves and improve your relationship.

I’m sure you’re busy with wedding planning, but this honestly will be such a great investment in your relationship that it deserves a spot on your to-do list. What better gift to yourselves than something that will help you get through those rough spots down the road?

It would be my pleasure to work with you, and help you “take that plunge” with confidence, excitement and even more love. Sign up below to get started and I’ll be happy to give you that little push….

Let’s do this!!


You can work with me whether or not I am officiating your wedding. I’m happy to help!

The Online Course contains 3 part lessons and a questionnaire for the following modules:

The Self – a simple framework for understanding your beliefs, defenses and gifts, and how you interact according to them in your relationship
The Other – an easy method for applying this info to your relationship and learning new ways to communicate effectively
The Divine –  a modern approach to discovering where spirituality fits into your marriage and how to make your relationship special
Our Home – a guide to creating a foundation for your daily routines and keeping the spark alive while running a household
Our Future – a basic plan for establishing the household budget for family and financial goals 
Our Marriage Mission – an exercise to define your marriage values, write your vows and give purpose to your union

Sign up below to get started on envisioning the rest of your life.

Sacred Relationships Online Marriage Course

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