The Parts of the Ceremony

Each wedding ceremony consists of several basic building blocks that create the “Order of Service”. While there are definite traditional elements that appear in most weddings, there are no rules to what you must include beyond the “I Do’s”. 

You have received a template of the basic parts of the ceremony. Below you will find more options for each section. Please feel free to pick and choose the ones that suit you or omit what doesn’t fit, and let me know your thoughts. We can edit any section as you like, so don’t be shy. And of course, if you find something else that you would like to use, that works too!

  • Processional 
  • Giving Away of Bride 
  • Call to Worship/Welcome 
  • Prayer 
  • Reading 
  • The Charge 
  • The Pledge
  • The Vows 
  • The Ring Exchange 
  • Reading or Special Ceremony 
  • Blessing of Couple 
  • Pronouncement 
  • Recessional
The Parts of the Ceremony