Obtain a License

Here is some general information about getting a marriage license in Montana – check with your local county clerk in the “Locations” section with any other questions.

  1. You both need to be present with cash and proper identification to get the license (specific requirements are listed on each county’s website).
  2. If you are changing your last name, you are allowed to sign with your new last name on your wedding day, however, your name doesn’t legally change until you return the license to the clerk of court, and then take it to your local Social Security office to initiate the name change process.
  3. Witnesses are not required. My signature is sufficient, although it is customary to have 2 witnesses sign the marriage license.
  4. You have the option of returning the license to the clerk in person and they will file, stamp and hand the original back to you immediately, or I am happy to drop it off if it’s from Gallatin County and they will send it back to your home address (mailing it in is also an option, but is slower).


  • Is there a waiting period? – No. You can apply and receive your license in one visit.
  • Can we use a marriage license from another state? – No. You need to have a Montana marriage license to get married in Montana.
  • How far in advance can we obtain a license? – Your marriage license is valid for 180 days.
  • How long do we have to return the marriage license? – 30 days from the date of signing.
  • Do we have to match the county where we got the license and the county where the ceremony will be performed? – No. Any Montana marriage license is valid in any Montana county. You do need to return the completed license to the clerk where you obtained it.
  • Is marriage counseling required? – No, but it is highly recommended>>>>>>
  • Does the bride need to get a blood test? – No. You can sign a waiver when you apply for your marriage license.
  • Do I need to register with my home state. – No. When you’re married in Montana you are married everywhere.
Obtain a License