Home and Family Life

What is the current “vibe” in your home? How do you feel when you walk in the door or enter the family area? Many times we just allow our home to run itself, while we scramble to keep up, but shouldn’t it be the other way¬†around?

Your home is meant to be the safe space for you, your partner and family retreat to. It is also an expression of your relationship, and can either support or drain you and your relationship. Let me ask you this:

  • Do you come home grumpy?
  • Do disagreements linger unresolved?
  • Do the dishes never seem to wash themselves?
  • Do you have different needs than your partner during the day?
  • Is the division of labor fair and consistent?

These are just a few things that affect the overall feeling in your home, and the effect it has on you and your partner. It’s important to not let your home vibe descend into chaos or feel too stifled. See if you can work together to create a better flow with each other. Different parts of your day, different areas of your home all call for a different groove morning to evening, and it’s helpful to cultivate that intentionally. Sometimes it’s upbeat and busy, sometimes it’s chill and relaxed. But the baseline is up to you…

Creating a home vibe that is harmonious on physical, emotional and mental levels is an important part of marriage. The earlier and more often you assess the management of your home the better. A large part of marriage is “the business” of being married, which isn’t necessarily as enjoyable as the other parts. Learning to take care of a home together, can definitely help you take care of business in the bedroom, IYKWIM.


Finding ways to make a positive, cozy vibe in your home, doesn’t exactly make all the problems go away, but it definitely makes them easier to deal with. Team up with your partner and learn a few sublte but powerful ways you can improve the mood on an everyday level and feel dedicated to something you both value, ensure that all the “to-dos” in your home get done. Or not. As long as you’re on the same page and ………Stop struggling everyday and start thriving. You have to be the strongest vibe in your home to set the tone for your family’s lifestyle.

You can be that grounding, safe space for your partner and family, or you can let them feel your overwhelm and anxiety. Your energy field is a strong influence in your home – so let’s make sure it’s calm, centered and positive It just takes a little effort to make some big changes in your home vibe, and that goes a long way into the vibe you put out there into the world.

Home and Family Life